Limited Edition Artist Dolls by British Doll Artist Philip Heath

Name: Adrian Present (Valencia Boy)
Limited Edition: 110
Year: 2004
Manufacturer: ---
Collection: ---
Size: 37 inches / 95 cm
Material: Vinyl
Retail Price: $1,198.00 USD

Now in the present, he is dressed today for the wonderful fiesta of the Fallas in Valenia. The costume is not only very beautiful but totally authentic as Philip commissioned one small family company specialized in the Falla costume to make everything. Because each outfit is made individually, the colors and designs of the waistcoat, head scarf and shawl will change throughout the productions. this is normal as each boy and man obviously prefers to be dressed authentically but always slightly different. Black human hair, mouth blown glass blue-grey eyes.

Philip Heath Dolls

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Adrian Present (Valencia Boy) by Philip Heath

Adrian Past by Philip Heath British Doll Artist

Philip Heath Dolls

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